Greedy Nanny's Granola aim to create a range of products that are 100% healthy and natural. Each mouth full is rich in fibre and healthy fats and is refined sugar free and gluten free. We always use locally sourced wholefood ingredients, and where possible, organic produce. Greedy Nanny's Granola cater to a range of different diets, including Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free and Raw!

Try eating our granola with a serve of your favourite milk and fresh berries or topped with yoghurt and fresh, seasonal fruit. Sprinkle it on Acai bowls, smoothies or porridge or it even makes the perfect snack for those on the go! 

Please allow 3 working days for your order to Please note, we no longer offer postage on any orders.

Every Greedy Nanny's Granola product is hand made by us, for you, with LOVE!